Project Ares 3: The start

The third edition to our fleet will be something infinatly more agile and able to extract survivors from remote locations without bringing the big guns.

Ares 3 was born:

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Project Ares 1: The OP (Observation Post)

Some may call it a luggage rack, but on Ares this is an observation post, and an improvised firing position. This rack will keep my brother or me safe while we dart through infested territory and mow down the infected.

Look for a mount for a 50 cal in the future.

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Project Ares 1: Skin

Ares needs to be tough. A little skull shrapnel should not scratch his magnificence. In order to ensure this he needs some skin, the skin of a rhino.

And because we don’t want shiny paint to reflect light and give our position away. We need his skin to be as black as night and as unreflected.

When that dries it will be like an abyss for light. The light will be pulled into Ares, like zombies are attracted to shopping malls.

Rough like the men who pilot this death machine

The cargo area gets a healthy coating of the skin as well, this area will be used as quarantine during the initial stages. With possible infected being locked behind a cage in the rear.

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Project Ares 2: The Start

When it became apparent that we needed more vehicles for our fleet, our minds immediately went to the Local Motors Rally Fighter. And then once we realized we didn’t have that kind of budget we decided to use a vehicle we already had on hand.

Here is the Ranger getting its Ares skin.

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Project Ares 1: The Start

When reviewing my Zombie plan, I realized that the biggest problem I had was getting a vehicle that was capable of taking the cross country trip to locate and extract all my family members that I needed. I discussed this problem with my brother and we came up with an excellent solution. We would make a fleet of vehicles to withstand the apocalypse, and each of them would serve a purpose.

They needed a name, and so we decided on something that would instil fear in the enemy and portray safety to our allies. So A.R.E.S. was born.

Our first vehicle will be the extreme all-terrain vehicle for the strike force. It started with a base of a 1997 Land Rover discovery.

Bland Vehicle

While this vehicle can make the trip, it can not however, withstand a full assault, or mount an attack. This had to be changed. Here are some before shots to show its weakness.

As you can see, it needs some work.

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